Quick Paneer Rolls
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Paneer rolls: Quick Stuffed Paneer Cigars Recipe 

Ingredients: 100 gms paneer 1 Bell pepper 1 Onion Cheese Coriander 2 Chilies 10 Bread slices All purpose flour Oil (For Frying) Chilly flakes Oregano Pepper Salt Preparation time: 45 minutes. Description: Filling: In a mixing bowl, add in crumbled paneer/ cottage cheese, finely chopped…

Bread Pizza
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Bread Pizza recipe: Quick Veg Pizza recipe 

Ingredients: 10 Slices of Bread Curd \ Cream Semolina\ Rawa 1 bell pepper 1 Onion 1 Tomato 1 Green chilly Pepper Salt Preparation time: 45 minutes. Serves: 4 people. Description: Batter: In a mixing bowl, in equal proportions add 2 cups of curd or cream…

Christmas dessert
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Christmas dessert recipe: Strawberry Oreo Dessert 

Ingredients: Oreo chocolate cream biscuits (2 packets) Full fat Cream – For dressing Fresh strawberries – 200 gms Sugar (as per required sweetness) Castor sugar Strawberry pulp – For filling Cone for piping the dressing Preparation time: 15 minutes. Description: Filling: In a bowl mix…

Brussels 3
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Exciting Trip to Brussels, Belgium 

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, located in the central region of the country has some of the most fascinating structures and tourist spots that are a must visit beginning with the Grand Palace along with the Brussels park, the Manneken Pis also the Atomium along…

Strawberry pulp
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Easy Strawberry Pulp 

Strawberry is a universal favourite and the most desired fruit when it comes to desserts or baking cakes or berry tarts or berry smoothies, but the only sad thing is strawberries are a seasonal fruit and not easily available as a fresh fruit all-round the…

Nutella Pancake Recipe
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Pancake Recipe (Eggless): Simple and Quick Pancakes 

Desserts are like food for soul.. Here i Present to you all a yummy and delicious eggless Pancake recipe.. Its So easy and requires very few ingredients which are usually available in every kitchen. Ingredients: 2 cups all purpose flour ( You can use wheat…

Soft Glam Look Make-up Tutorial

Easy Fresh Look Glam Makeup! 

Fresh Look Make – up Tutorial: Beauty is a woman’s jewel, enhancing it is something in our bare hands with some magic here and there. So why not give yourself a makeover with simple beauty tips and hacks and make that face a charmer. In…

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The Perfect Blend of Blue Eye-shadow look 

I believe the essence of true modern makeup is the freedom to be yourself and express who you are. Play with colors, experiment with colorful eye shadows, be you, be bold, make a statement, these bells often ring in my mind when I am creating…