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Quick Paneer Rolls
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Paneer rolls: Quick Stuffed Paneer Cigars Recipe 

Ingredients: 100 gms paneer 1 Bell pepper 1 Onion Cheese Coriander 2 Chilies 10 Bread slices All purpose flour Oil (For Frying) Chilly flakes Oregano Pepper Salt Preparation time: 45 minutes. Description: Filling: In a mixing bowl, add in crumbled paneer/ cottage cheese, finely chopped…

Bread Pizza
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Bread Pizza recipe: Quick Veg Pizza recipe 

Ingredients: 10 Slices of Bread Curd \ Cream Semolina\ Rawa 1 bell pepper 1 Onion 1 Tomato 1 Green chilly Pepper Salt Preparation time: 45 minutes. Serves: 4 people. Description: Batter: In a mixing bowl, in equal proportions add 2 cups of curd or cream…

Christmas dessert
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Christmas dessert recipe: Strawberry Oreo Dessert 

Ingredients: Oreo chocolate cream biscuits (2 packets) Full fat Cream – For dressing Fresh strawberries – 200 gms Sugar (as per required sweetness) Castor sugar Strawberry pulp – For filling Cone for piping the dressing Preparation time: 15 minutes. Description: Filling: In a bowl mix…

Strawberry pulp
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Easy Strawberry Pulp 

Strawberry is a universal favourite and the most desired fruit when it comes to desserts or baking cakes or berry tarts or berry smoothies, but the only sad thing is strawberries are a seasonal fruit and not easily available as a fresh fruit all-round the…

Nutella Pancake Recipe
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Pancake Recipe (Eggless): Simple and Quick Pancakes 

Desserts are like food for soul.. Here i Present to you all a yummy and delicious eggless Pancake recipe.. Its So easy and requires very few ingredients which are usually available in every kitchen. Ingredients: 2 cups all purpose flour ( You can use wheat…

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Healthy Pesto-Pasta Recipes: 

Hey all you pasta lovers, I am back with one of my most delicious, quick and everyone’s favorite Pesto Pasta Recipes! You can visit my youtube channel for a video description. Pesto Pasta recipe video. Ingredients: 100 gms Spinach, Blanched 3 tbsp of all purpose…