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Pancake Recipe (Eggless): Simple and Quick Pancakes 

Desserts are like food for soul.. Here i Present to you all a yummy and delicious eggless Pancake recipe.. Its So easy and requires very few ingredients which are usually available in every kitchen. Ingredients: 2 cups all purpose flour ( You can use wheat…


Easy Fresh Look Glam Makeup! 

Fresh Look Make – up Tutorial: Beauty is a woman’s jewel, enhancing it is something in our bare hands with some magic here and there. So why not give yourself a makeover with simple beauty tips and hacks and make that face a charmer. In…


The Perfect Blend of Blue Eye-shadow look 

I believe the essence of true modern makeup is the freedom to be yourself and express who you are. Play with colors, experiment with colorful eye shadows, be you, be bold, make a statement, these bells often ring in my mind when I am creating…

Food Blog

Healthy Pesto-Pasta Recipes: 

Hey all you pasta lovers, I am back with one of my most delicious, quick and everyone’s favorite Pesto Pasta Recipes! You can visit my youtube channel for a video description. Pesto Pasta recipe video. Ingredients: 100 gms Spinach, Blanched 3 tbsp of all purpose…

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Short review on my OnePlus 5T 

Why i love it… Being an avid blogger I need my phone and camera to be apt and advanced, and One plus being my most trusted and favourite brand has always lived upto my expectations and handed me amazing experiences with its camera and the…