• 100 gms paneer
  • 1 Bell pepper
  • 1 Onion
  • Cheese
  • Coriander
  • 2 Chilies
  • 10 Bread slices
  • All purpose flour
  • Oil (For Frying)
  • Chilly flakes
  • Oregano
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Preparation time: 45 minutes.


Paneer or cottage cheese is everyone’s favorite ( specially if you are fond of vegetarian food ) So here I bring to you one of the easiest and crunchy recipes that you can make at home. The plus point of this recipe is, it taste just like a restaurant style dish and everyone’s going to love it! its a must try if you are a paneer lover like me!


In a mixing bowl, add in crumbled paneer/ cottage cheese, finely chopped bell peppers, onions, chilies, coriander and mix well. Once done, grate in 2 cubes of processed cheese and all the seasonings salt, pepper, chilly flakes, oregano as per taste. Quick tip here you can even add a tsp of mayo if you want to make the mixture creamier. Mix all the ingredients well and keep them aside.

Preparation Method:

Take a slice of bread and with the help of a rolling pin flatten out the bread slice until it is thin and ready for filling. In a small bowl make a thin paste using all purpose flour and water. Now take a spoon size mixture and add it onto the edge of the rolled out bread slice, brush the sides with the all purpose flour paste you prepared earlier and then tightly roll the bread slice sealing the edges well.

Walla! Similarly roll all the remaining bread slices into cigars ( as shown in picture ) and keep it in the refrigerator for cooling for at least an hour before frying. Keep oil for heating on medium flame in a pan for shallow frying, once the oil is hot drop in the cigars and be careful not to overcrowd them in the pan and keep turning with the help of a fork or spatula until the bread turns crisp and golden brown in color. Garnish with grated cheese or coriander and serve hot!

Serve hot with your choice of sauce and enjoy this delicious recipe with your friends and family. Do let me know about your take on my recipe or your feedback on the same, would love to hear from my virtual family..