Strawberry is a universal favourite and the most desired fruit when it comes to desserts or baking cakes or berry tarts or berry smoothies, but the only sad thing is strawberries are a seasonal fruit and not easily available as a fresh fruit all-round the year. Of course, we get a lot of canned fruits and pulps available in the market but why not buy them fresh and have a pulp made in your home kitchen.

So why not preserve these fresh and yummy berries in a jar and be able to use them in all our delicious recipes. So here I bring to you the easiest way to preserve these berries just by making a puree out of them without adding any additional preservatives and your own made at home puree jar.


  • 1 KG Fresh Strawberries
  • Sugar
  • 4 to 5 cups of Water
  • Drops of lemon
  • Mint

Preparation Time: 25 to 30 minutes


Soak the berries in warm water for some time to get rid of any impurities. Also get rid of the leaves. A quick tip here in case you want to cook the berries faster I recommend slicing or chopping them into pieces. In a deep non-stick pan add in a cup of water and all the sliced berries to it. If your berries are sour you can go ahead and add sugar as per taste to make them sweeter. Add in a few drops of lemon to it as well, it adds a zest to the mixture. Simmer the berries on low flame, this helps in making the batter thicker and absorb the moisture too. Keep stirring mixture on low flame.

Once the mixture is thickened and cooked well, you have 2 choices, either you leave the compote as it with pieces of berries or you can blend it in a jar and make a puree out of it of your desired consistency. Either way you can preserve it for a long time in the freezer. I have one more tip to offer here, you can add in some crushed basil or mint as per taste in the puree, it will add a splendid flavour to your berry puree making it berry tasty.

This puree can be preserved up to 6 to 8 months. You can use this puree in making multiple desserts or even as toppings on ice creams as desired. Personally, I love to store purees of seasonal fruits like mangoes and berries. They are saviour’s times when you want to have a dessert and you already have your tasty toppings available. Do try it out and leave a feedback too. Would love to hear from my virtual family.