Brussels, the capital of Belgium, located in the central region of the country has some of the most fascinating structures and tourist spots that are a must visit beginning with the Grand Palace along with the Brussels park, the Manneken Pis also the Atomium along side the ravishing Mini Europe (a must visit) or the museum,the town square and many more. Due to the pandemic situation we are limited to the places we can explore. So on our last visit to Brussels we got a chance to explore a few things though. Let me briefly take you through my experiences of this beautiful city.

Grand Palace, Brussels
                                                                      Grand Palace, Brussels

Our room had a perfect picturesque view with all the comfort. The climate was pleasant though a little more on the colder side, as for me, I love waking up on a fresh view, sipping coffee by the window and with that view it was mesmerizing.

IMG 20201026 103247 1

On our 1st day we checked in a bit late and after freshening up, headed out to explore the dim and gorgeous city lights. Although most of the things were not operational but we did get a chance to visit a few places and try few things there. The streets looked quiet and deserted but we were still able to catch a few food joints open as we were starving. As we were strolling through the cobbled streets, we landed in the town square where we did manage to grab on a few eateries.

town square  IMG 20201024 204601

Parking is a major issue but nevertheless we were very lucky to always find one. After a good distance and passing by various cobbled streets the cute rainbow zebra crossing and several mini stores, we finally arrived at the very famous world heritage site, The Grand Palace, towered over the Gothic city hall. A sight to see and a must visit historic place, it is considered as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. There are a few facts and anecdote’s I learnt about the palace, the 2nd wing was built to expand the palace and hence there are differences in the two wings that go un-noticed. There is a miniature sized structure in mini-Europe (a tourist attraction spot), that is where we learn about the minute detailing. Also, we missed a major sight that is the ravishing flower carpet which is the major tourist attraction there and changes every 2 years. Sadly, due to the given conditions we could not catch any glimpse of it.

rainbow crossing  IMG 20201025 124323  IMG 20201025 133812  

Now being a foodie, I conduced a through research and came across an interesting fact that Brussels being the home of European bureaucracy known for its sweet tooth serving the best Waffles and fine chocolates. 1 interesting fact I came across was that the very famous French fries is not ‘French’. Originally pomme frites were born in Belgium discovered by the Spanish, are high standard, thick in shape, juicy and crunchy. we devoured them and literally binged on those fries, also they have a variety of toppings and sauces to choose from, we opted for the plain ones and tried with a few sauces. My recommendation is if you are a mayo ketchup lover that is your go to combo with those hot crunchy fries. Fries and sandwiches are their famous street food and trust me you do not want to miss on it. You can get hold of them from stands that are almost everywhere in city.


One more interesting fact about this city is that it has so many of artistic murels around with a creative approach. We walked through the streets full of the comics and creative patterns. It is so intriguing visiting places that have expressions of art. let me show you some of these beautiful visuals.

IMG 20201025 144020  IMG 20201025 144258  comic street art IMG 20201025 WA0132

Talking about food, lets jump on the sweetness Brussels has to offer. Everyone’s favourite is the Belgium WAFFELS!! The waffles are one of the must try delicious in Brussels. I am now much of a sweet tooth but these waffles that we tried were perfectly prepared, not very sweet in the base and topped with the choice of your desired toppings, of course I went in for Nutella and trust me these were the best waffles I have had in a long time. There are many famous joints as well as small eateries that serve waffles, we got a chance to try a few.

Nutella Waffels berry waffel variety waffels

This trip being full of historic places and heritage sightseeing how could it not surprise us with one of the most extravagant and beautifully portrayed monuments of Europe the Mini-Europe miniature Park just next to the Atomium center in Brussels. It consists of roughly 350 mini buildings and live action models such as trains, mills, cars, trucks, an erupting Mount Vesuvius. All in all, a perfect way to visit all the famous attractions of Europe. I was super excited to visit this place and sadly that was the last day of the park functioning. We were Lucky enough to have visited the place. They provided us with a guide (available in several languages). It took us about 3hours for the tour and we still could revisit the place several times. Here are some of the pictures we shot at the marvelous place.

IMG 20201025 164640  IMG 20201025 183248    IMG 20201025 171937

IMG 20201025 175932 IMG 20201025 161736 IMG 20201102 WA0035

We spent 2 days in the city of Brussels and still the city has so much to offer that is so full of history. On our way back all we did is talk about our visit and the yummy food we devoured accompanied by such a beautiful road. it took us approximately 3 hours from Paris to Brussel. You have quite many stop overs and food joints on the way and if you plan a road trip through places in Europe you are up for a treat with the beauty it has to offer. 

Travel as much as you can with all the safety you need, but do not let it get in your way. 

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